The Paws Resort is your newest fully air conditioned pets resort in the West of Singapore. Its a paradise for your paw buddies and we specialize in making their resort stay as memorable and as comfortable as can be. All your paw buddies will be promised the coolest experience in our 360 days hot climate and only the cleanest and safest resort experience.

At The Paws Resort, we regard our guest as our own best friends and treat them with the greatest hospitality; play with them when there are bored, exercise them when they are excited and care for them when they are moody. To give them a home-away-from-home feel, we literally make our resort as homely as can be!

Whether your paw buddies needs a holiday from home, stay away when their home is renovated or would like to join us while you go for holiday,.. Please.. Just forgive us for pampering them too much that they want to come back!